Sketch Laser Cutting in London


What we do -

At Sketch Laser Cutting we offer a speedy, high-end laser cutting, engraving, printing and manufacturing service specially catering to designers and creative businesses. We also supply to students and individuals.

Our design background gives us an invaluable insight into the need for perfect results, super fast turnover and fitting to a budget. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

We can laser cut and engrave up to 1200mm x 900mm on a wide variety of materials, some of which we carry in stock, others you can provide or we can organise ordering for you. See our materials list or send us an email for more info.

We have one of the most competitive rates in the UK, starting from just £35.

We can usually accommodate rush orders and a 24 hour service is available on request (please email to enquire about extra fees for rush orders).

Not sure about the design work? We have an in-house graphic designer with several years of experience who can bring your vision to life! Let us know your ideas and we will create them for you.

We have experience in manufacturing and design realisation so can work with you to design, cut, assemble and finish your designs and deliver them to you fully finished. These services include (but are not limited to) painting and varnishing, signage and POS, jewellery assembly, architectural models, wedding stationary, homewares, packaging.

Simply email your files to us and we will have your laser cuts shipped out to you anywhere in the world as soon as possible. Alternatively you can make an appointment to collect from our Bermondsey studio.

You can find the artwork spec here -

laser cut paper mandalas

Just some of our services -

Laser cutting plastic

Laser cutting wood

Printed wood and MDF laser cutting

Laser cutting paper (including printing prior to cutting for stunning results)

Laser cutting fabric and leather

Supply materials suitable for laser cutting (including wood, mdf, plastic, paper, leather and more)

Full design, cutting, assembly and finishing services

Party ware, including invitations, decorations and other accessories

Wedding stationary, decor, cake toppers and favours


Architectural models

Get in touch via our contact page for more!


Materials we can cut/ engrave -

  • Plastics - Acrylic/ Perspex, ABS, PETG, Delrin, Polystyrene, Polypropelene
  • Wood - Plywood, MDF, Veneers, Cork 
  • Paper - Paper, Card, Corrugated cardboard, Mountboard
  • Leather
  • Laserable Rubber
  • Formica
  • Fabrics - Neoprene, Polyester, Nylon, Silk, Cotton and more
  • Etching only - Ceramics, Glass, Specially Coated Metals
  • Other - Please email with your material and we will let you know 

Please note: We cannot cut polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – when burnt it gives off poisonous and corrosive gasses which corrode our filters and makes us quite poorly!

Please contact us for other material enquiries.