Neon Lamb Nappa (6 Colours)

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Colour: Marine Blue
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A luxurious high quality fine grained lamb nappa, with a subtle metallic sheen.

This leather laser cuts beautifully and is ideal for many craft, fashion and other uses. These nappa skins are predominantly designed for garment use where a soft handle and natural drape is desired.

These hides have been finished with a slight surface spray to assist consistency of colour with each dye batch and so our customers can feel confident when placing repeat orders, even several months apart that colours will be within a strict commercial tolerance.

Thickness - 0.6/0.7mm

Average Size - 9 sq ft

Leather is a natural material so will vary in shape and may have variations across the skin, this is not a fault but part of the beauty of the skin. Sizes listed are a close approximation of the square footage of the entire area of the skin.

All sizes are nominal/ approx. To purchase sheet sizes not listed or sold out products please send us an email to, or contact us via the link below to place your order.

We can ship internationally, please contact us for a quote.